Roughing In What Does it Mean

There are a lot of different terms for you to learn when it comes to bathroom renovation, some of which will be obvious and others that will need a bit of research. Today we are going to have a look at the term ‘rough in’, and what it means for bathroom vanities.

Bathroom Vanities – The First Rough in Job You’ll Do

As you work on renovating your bathroom, the vanity is probably going to be the first big challenge that you face and just like any other piece of bathroom furniture, bathroom vanities need to be roughed in. Some are easier than others, for example it is easier to rough in for single sink vanities than double sink vanities but in the end, it all really means the same thing. Roughing in can be complicated in practice but it is very simple as far as explanations are concerned.


When you are roughing in for bathroom cabinets, vanities especially, you will be preparing the plumbing inside the wall so that when then renovation is finished, the vanities in question will be fully functional. To explain further, this is the process of running the piping through the walls. This step happens after the framing has been established and the electrical has been run. With this, the vanity will be ready to connect to the wall, and once the water is turned on, it will begin to flow through the P-Trap and hardware properly.

Done Just Prior to Inspection

Roughing in does not mean that the bathroom is fully functional; this is simply a step that is taken right before the home inspection occurs. Once the bathroom has passed the inspection, assuming the same applies to the rest of the home, the connection can be completed. The pipes can be connected to the water and the bathroom will be considered functional.

An Important Step

To say that the rough in is an important step would be a gross understatement. You not only need to do it, you need to do it right. Even if you are using cheap bathroom vanities, the importance of roughing in correctly cannot be overstated.

Remember: proper roughing in will mean a quicker inspection and a faster project completion timeline. Start planning your renovation today and make sure that it is fully functional in the end.

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